Greyson Gates designed for the land
Greyson Gates

Heavy Duty Gate

This is Greyson’s heaviest and strongest gate. It is ideal for farming situations where maximum strength is required. Often used around yards and raceways where a higher level of stock pressure is likely.


  • Two heavy duty, one piece adjustable hinges, 50x6mm flat formed and hot dip galvanised, clamped with 2x10x30mm 8.8 high tensile bolts
  • 2 x 10mm diagonal support bars (all accept the 14ft gate which has 3 diagonal supports)
  • 40x5mm flat uprights have holes punched in them, a 25mm nominal bore pipe passes through the hole and is then welded
  • 5x20mm nominal bore (27mm OD) pipe horizontal bars are vented, passed through punched verticals and then welded.

Product IDLengthHeight
Y44103.05 (metres) / 10' (feet)1.04 (metres) / 3' 5" (feet)
Y44123.66 (metres) / 12' (feet)1.04 (metres) / 3' 5" (feet)
Y44144.27 (metres) / 14' (feet)1.04 (metres) / 3' 5" (feet)
Designed for the land